Dragonfly cup


This handmade dragonfly cup reflects the skillful craftmanship of Jingdezhen artists. The dragonfly motif was handpainted with an exceptional level of detail. The very delicate nature of this cup is further enhanced by the fineness and slight translucency of the porcelain. This refined cup topped by a narrow brown rim will be your best companion when enjoying the finest and subtlest teas.

Jingdezhen is the Chinese porcelain capital. Nannuoshan travels regularly to Jingdezhen to source teaware and meet the city's craftsmen. Read more about our trips to Jingdezhen here.

  • MATERIAL:  Porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  58 ml
  • DIAMETER:  5.1 cm
  • HEIGHT:  5.1 cm

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