Bamboo Gongfu Cha Tool Set


While tea can be steeped almost as simply as one likes, there is a unique pleasure in having the right tool for the job, and this tea set provides just that, with everything you need to aid in performing gongfu cha, even on a ceremonial level. All the items are made from one or two pieces of hand-carved bamboo, with a distinctive noded style that lends them a cultivated rustic aesthetic and makes them easier to hold.

The five-piece set includes:

  • bamboo tongs, for grasping large tea leaves and holding gongfu cups for rinsing in a classic gongfu cha ceremony;
  • a tea needle for clearing clogged teapot spouts, especially narrow yixing spouts;
  • a narrow spoon for scooping fine leaves or, moreover, powdered teas like matcha, and it can also be used to clear used leaves from a teapot or gaiwan;
  • a small rest to lay any of the first three tools upon;
  • and a large tea holder to display dry leaves for appreciation and funnel into a brewing vessel, like a tea lotus, and to hold the other tools when not in use.

Similar Bamboo Tongs can be purchased alone, or the set can additionally be paired with this Bamboo Scoop for transferring and measuring leaves in smaller amounts or from smaller containers.

  • MATERIAL:  Bamboo
  • LENGTH (tongs, spoon, needle):  18.5 cm
  • SIZE (tea holder):  18 x 7 x 1.8 cm
  • SIZE (rest):  5 x 1 x 1 cm


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