Silver Willow Leaves Gaiwan

Elevating both the practical accessory and the practice to art, the creator of this unique gaiwan has produced a functional masterpiece. Starting with the finest porcelain, the material has been shaped to subtly remarkable proportions, the cup and lid becoming almost the holotype of the gaiwan form, while floating above the exceptionally wide, yet perfectly harmonious, saucer. This provides more space for the piece's most distinctive and striking feature: coated with a glaze of pure silver, the artist has painted it with willow leaves, comparing Chinese willows with those encountered while studying ceramics in the Netherlands. This motif is not produced with additional pigments, but by the ingenious method of oxidising the silver to different degrees; the same effect will transform the appearance of the vessel as it interacts with tea, creating a material record of the individual drinker's gong fu cha practice.


An artefact for the lover of tea as well as art, this special piece is the only one we have on stock.

About the artist

The young ceramicist known as Ryan is emerging as one of the most preeminent artists in 'The Porcelain Capital' of Jingdezhen, itself the pinnacle of Chinese ceramic production. We encountered him on one of our tea journeys to the city, and were so impressed, we chose several of his unique and creative pieces to feature on our tea shop.


  • ARTIST:  Ryan
  • MATERIAL:  Jingdezhen porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  105 ml (under the lid)
  • HEIGHT:  5.5 cm (cup only)
  • DIAMETER:  9 cm