Fish & Lotus Teapot


A teapot for everyday elegance, this porcelain teapot displays hand-painted blue motifs: swimming fish on the lid and one side, while they arc around a blooming lotus on the other. Its shape is a subtle variation on the classic design: the sides curve downward on an ovoid slope, the wider base providing stability, a greater space for the fish to gambol, and a larger capacity than it at first appears. This makes it ideal for two to three tea drinkers—or one with a hearty appetite.

Practical details include a straight spout for easy pouring, a built-in strainer, and a washable ribbon to keep the lid together with the body. Made of sturdy porcelain, it is easy to thoroughly clean and therefore use with whichever tea strikes your fancy.

  • MATERIAL:  Porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  320 ml
  • LENGTH:  13.5 cm
  • HEIGHT:  9.2 cm



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