Small Lantern Yixing Teapot


Some teapots are for every day, some seem most at home with a small group of friends or a large crowd. With all the understated, ready posture of a dapper waiter, and suggesting the shape of a tall paper lantern, this teapot is the elegant festivity of the Yixing world, spout lifted as if proffering exquisite tea with the slightest murmur, and skinny handle like a free hand discretely akimbo. The height of its svelte body allows water and aromas to circulate, and the subtle texture of its ore feels pleasant in the hands. It is ideal for tightly-rolled and aromatic teas, like Taiwan Oolongs.


The clay

The Small Lantern teapot is made of the precious Lao Zhuni (老朱泥) clay, a rare red ore extracted from the now closed mine in Xiaomeiyao (小煤窑), among the most famous site for Yixing ore extraction.

This Zhuni is particularly rare because the clay has been aged for more than a decade, stored at the entrance of the mine, before it has been shaped into a teapot and fired. The suffix "lao" ("old" in Mandarin) refers to the long storage.


Why do I need a Yixing teapot?

The material and the shape of Yixing teapots are ideal for brewing tea. They bring out the tea flavour like no other tea vessel. Handmade Yixing teapots are also valuable handicrafts sought after by collectors. Their value raises with time, usage and artist popularity.

Yixing teapots are made of a rare and depleting clay mined in the mountains near Yixing, a city in the Jiangsu province. The high density yet porous nature of the clay absorbs the smell of the tea brewed in it. For this reason, it is advised to use the pot with only one kind of tea (for instance with black teas or green teas). Bring your tea to the next level; allow yourself an authentic Yixing teapot.

  • MATERIAL:  Lao Zhuni, 老朱泥 (lit. Old Vermilion Mud)
  • MINE:  Xiaomeiyao 小煤窑
  • SHAPE:  xiǎo gōngdēng, 小宫灯 (small lantern)
  • CAPACITY:  90 ml
  • HEIGHT:  7.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  5.5 x 9.5 cm

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