Tea taster's mug


The tea taster's mug is one of the most useful tools for the regular tea drinker. It is not only practical and easy to use; it also brews excellent tea. Not by chance the taster's mug has established itself as a professional standard among tea tasters, in the East as well as in the West.

The set can be used for sigle infusions (Western style), multiple gongfu cha sessions (Chinese style) and is an excellent tool for comparing different teas to each other; both alone and in a group.

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How to use a taster's mug?

For single infusion (for example at breakfast) use 1.6 grams of leaves and follow the steeping instruction "In the teapot" at the bottom of every product page.

For gongfu cha style we advice using 4 grams of leaves for every tea but greens, which need 2 grams instead.

The following procedure can be easily adapted to Western and Chinese approaches as well as to tasting in a group or alone.

  1. Weigh the leaves as needed
  2. Warm up the teaware rinsing it in hot water (cups, infuser, lid, spoon)
  3. Put the leaves in the infuser, fill in with water up to right under the slits, and cover with lid (don't cover if you are steeping green tea).
  4. Once the steeping time is over, pour the tea in the cup keeping the lid in place. The narrow slits at the rim will act as a strainer.
    TIP: You can leave the infuser upside down in the cup; it is made to fit on the rim of the cup. This allows you to quickly pour the tea of the next infusers, should you be steeping more than one tea at a time.
  5. In a group, distribute a tiny cup to each person and leave a spoon in each serving cup. Everyone will use the spoons to transfer tea from the serving cups to their own cup. If you are alone, you can drink directly out of the serving cup.

During a tea tasting, don't forget to smell the dry and the steeped leaves. The leaves can be displayed on the back side of the lid, to be placed upside down on the infuser.

  • MATERIAL:  Porcellain
  • CAPACITY:  Infuser 130 ml (below slits), cup 170 ml
  • WIDTH:  Infuser 6.6 cm, cup 8.7 cm
  • HEIGHT:  Infuser 6.7 cm (without lid), cup 5.2 cm

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