Bamboo Soul Yixing Teapot

A teapot to honour that most useful and ubiquitous of Chinese plants, this dark zini teapot bears not only convincing bamboo joint impressions on its spout, handle, and knob, but a minuscule and finely-detailed bamboo leaf motif on its body, with a tiny twig bridging the body with the handle. Nor does the attention to its form overlook functional details: the air hole for the lid is placed where a leaf might have been, and the curving spout contains a built-in filter, which holes are carved to resemble, as a whole, the tall shape of the pot. A wonderful and exquisitely-made alternative to the more common, simpler Yixing styles.


The clay

The Bamboo Soul teapot is made of a particularly rare Lao Zini (老紫泥) clay, a dark brown ore extracted from the famous mountain Huanglong shan (黄龙山) in the 1990s.

Zini is ideal for steeping black teas and post-fermented Pu'er (Shu Pu'er); it is also a very good match to roasted and aged oolong teas.


Why do I need a Yixing teapot?

The material and the shape of Yixing teapots are ideal for brewing tea. They bring out the tea flavor like no other tea vessel. Hand-made Yixing teapots are also valuable handicrafts sought after by collectors. Their value raises with time, usage and artist popularity.

Yixing teapots are made of a rare and depleting clay mined in the mountains near Yixing, a city in the Jiangsu province. The high density yet porous nature of the clay absorbs the smell of the tea brewed in it. For this reason, it is advised to use the pot with only one kind of tea (for instance with black teas or green teas). Bring your tea to the next level; allow yourself an authentic Yixing teapot.

  • MATERIAL:  Yī chǎng lǎo zǐ ní, 一厂老紫泥 (lit. First factory's old purple mud)
  • MINE:  Huánglóng shān, 黄龙山
  • SHAPE:  Líng zhú hú, 灵竹壶 (soul bamboo pot)
  • CAPACITY:  240 ml
  • HEIGHT:  6.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  7.5 x 12.5 cm