Junzo Tokoname Kyusu

A stunningly, almost-illusory kyusu, the appearance of this teapot—its form stretching wide and flat while the top has been burnished by a white glaze, as if reflecting an unseen source of light—well, it might take your breath away. It is a creation of the award-winning Tokoname artist Junzo Maekawa, and displays a proportionate expertise in technique. Comfortable and balanced, a build-in clay filter strains fine tea leaves as the steeped liquor pours quickly out. Best to use with Japanese green teas, it is particularly recommended for the rich nuances of gyokuro.
  • ARTIST:  Junzo Maekawa
  • MATERIAL:  Tokoname clay
  • CAPACITY:  140 ml
  • DIAMETER:  11 cm
  • WIDTH:  14 cm
  • LENGTH  16 cm
  • HEIGHT:  5.8 cm