Shi Piao 2.0 Yixing Teapot

After the large, conical shape, this teapot's most striking aspect has to be its material: burnt sienna in color, with raised red and yellow flecks that give the surface an almost cast-iron feel and cockscomb appearance. A taller variation on the shi piao form, made to resemble a dipper at a well, this version's geometrical body, with straight lines intersecting circles, would be as at home in Bauhaus retrospectives as in rural environs. The crook in the side handle, meanwhile, aids in holding the pot steady, while the looped handle on the lid avoids singing the fingers when filled with hot water. Equipped with a built-in net filter, it is bound to deliver equally striking tea, whether to solo tea drinkers or a whole roost.

The clay

Discovered by accident while building a road between two mountains, both Yixing mines, this is a paragenetic ore called jiangponi (meaning 'downhill clay'), formed from a combination of minerals found in hongni, zini, and duanni—a good choice for the indecisive.

The intersection of these different ores offer differing combinations of each, though even all together, this is a rarer material than other Yixing ores. The processing of the clay leaves speckling in a blended colour, depending on the exact mixture and firing temperature.

Why do I need a Yixing teapot?

The material and the shape of Yixing teapots are ideal for brewing tea. They bring out the tea flavor like no other tea vessel. Hand-made Yixing teapots are also valuable handicrafts sought after by collectors. Their value raises with time, usage and artist popularity.

Yixing teapots are made of a rare and depleting clay mined in the mountains near Yixing, a city in the Jiangsu province. The high density yet porous nature of the clay absorbs the smell of the tea brewed in it. For this reason, it is advised to use the pot with only one kind of tea (for instance with black teas or green teas). Bring your tea to the next level; allow yourself an authentic Yixing teapot.

  • MATERIAL:  Jiàng pō ní, 降坡泥 (lit. 'downhill mud')
  • SHAPE:  Han Wa, 汉瓦 (han tile)
  • CAPACITY:  130 ml
  • HEIGHT:  6 cm
  • WIDTH:  8 x 10.5 cm
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