Jade Breast Yixing Teapot

Cute and compact, it's not hard to see where this plump form gets its name from. Its small size keeps tea inside close, while still leaving room for expansion horizontally and under the lid. A couple functional details only add to the charm of its shape: a flare on the knob keeps escaping steam from heating it too much, and the slightest lip on its spout will aid tipping the last drop of tea (the golden one) into a waiting teacup or pitcher. Naturally, its bright yellow hue will temper with age, and can be complemented by devoting it to pale infusions, or enhanced by staining with intensely dark ones.

Includes a built-in clay ball filter.

The clay

Benshan Lüni (sometimes rendered 'Lvni') is literally 'green ore' from the 'original mountain', referring to Huanglongshan, where much Yixing ore originates. A greyish green colour when mined, it becomes a cool yellow when fired, and may be slightly smoother than comparable Duanni.

It is a good choice for smoothing teas with a protruding flavour, like smoki- or roastiness, and producing a rounder infusion.

Why do I need a Yixing teapot?

The material and the shape of Yixing teapots are ideal for brewing tea. They bring out the tea flavor like no other tea vessel. Hand-made Yixing teapots are also valuable handicrafts sought after by collectors. Their value raises with time, usage and artist popularity.

Yixing teapots are made of a rare and depleting clay mined in the mountains near Yixing, a city in the Jiangsu province. The high density yet porous nature of the clay absorbs the smell of the tea brewed in it. For this reason, it is advised to use the pot with only one kind of tea (for instance with black teas or green teas). Bring your tea to the next level; allow yourself an authentic Yixing teapot.

  • MATERIAL:  Běnshān Lǜní 本山绿泥 (lit. 'true mountain green mud')
  • MINE:  Huánglóng shān, 黄龙山
  • SHAPE:  Yu Ru, 玉乳 ('jade breast')
  • CAPACITY:  130 ml
  • HEIGHT:  6.2 cm
  • WIDTH:  8 x 10.5 cm
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