One tea a week


Do you know someone who loves tea?

Present yourself or your dearest with the ultimate cool gift, a different tea every week.

With the nannuoshan seasonal subscription, we will send you four different tea samples (6g each) every month to enlighten your weeks with an unpredictable tasting experience.

Awareness and learning: A letter will company each delivery, including detailed description of the monthly selection.

You can choose between a six-month and a year subscription, as well as a one-time trial.

The price includes packaging and shipping cost, worldwide!

  • OPT.1 - ONE TIME TRIAL:  Single delivery (+5€ shipment)
  • OPT.2 - HALF A YEAR:  Six deliveries over six months
  • OPT.3 - A YEAR LONG:  Twelve deliveries over twelve months
  • CONTENT:  Four 6g-sample with each delivery
  • TEA VARIETY:  white, green, yellow, oolong, black, pu'er


20% discount on all Taiwan oolong teas

Extremely fragrant and aromatic, Taiwan Oolongs are ranked by tea connoisseurs among the best teas on Earth... discover why!


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