Grace Pitcher


A modern classic in style, this handleless, thin-walled glass pitcher is an elegant workhorse, performing admirably every task set to it: decanting steeped tea from your gaiwan or gongfu teapot, serving tea hot or cold, and even as a vessel to brew green teas with the aid of a strainer. Its unibody, simple form has an understated humility, not absorbing aromas and being easy to clean. It is, in both an aesthetic and material sense, the wine glass of tea pitchers.

And if you are so enthralled by its beauty that you use it for purposes not related to tea...well, we certainly won’t tell!

  • MATERIAL:  Glass
  • CAPACITY:  220 ml (to the rim)
  • HEIGHT:  9.1 cm
  • WIDTH:  7x7.7 cm

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