Organic Kukicha


Bio Tee ökologischem Anbau nach EU-Öko-Verordnung

From organic cultivation according to the EU Organic Regulation, controlled by DE-ÖKO-039.


Markedly different in flavour to teas produced only with leaves, Kukicha represents a category of its own, and a very economical one at that, considering the time-consuming tasks of sorting and sieving the harvest. Kukicha, the 'twig tea', is composed more of the stalks, stems, and larger leaf veins of the tea plant than the actual leaves, giving it a milder and sweeter flavour with less astringency than other Japanese teas such as Sencha or Bancha.

Green bamboo and young guava suggest themselves in the cup, a balanced and pleasant brew which is a treat for anyone on the search for the unusual.


  • ORIGIN:  Miyazaki, Japan
  • MEANING:  twig tea
  • HARVEST TIME:  2017
  • TASTE:  Rice, green bamboo, guava
5.00 € - 30%

  • Quantity: 6g / 500ml
  • Water temperature: 80°C
  • Infusion time: 2-3 min
  • Quantity: 5g / 100ml
  • Water temperature: 70°C
  • 4 infusions: 45, 50, 55, 60 sec

Too high water temperature would burn the leaves, and the tea will taste bitter and sour.

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