Tea Lover Box


Do you know someone who loves tea?

Present your dearest with the Tea Lover Box; a set of four tea samples (6g each), personally sourced by Nannuoshan in China, directly by the tea farmers.

A letter with detailed description of the teas will company each tea box.

  • GREEN TEAS - fresh and cooling
  • OOLONG TEAS - floral and complex
  • BLACK TEAS - intense and malty
  • ASSORTED TEAS - to try them all
  • PREMIUM ASSORTED TEA - an even superior selection

Thirsty for tea knowledge?

Our latest YouTube video:

FOOD AND TEA PAIRING: Which Tea to Pair with Risotto? – Gabriele & Giselle cook a classic Italian dish, mushroom risotto, and experiment to find out which tea pairs with it best...the result might surprise you!⁠

    Video: Which Tea to Pair with Risotto?