Bamboo tool set


Tea utensils, known in China as "Junzi Liujiantao", are often used during the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. These tools have both a practical and esthetic function during the Gongfu Cha ceremony.

This set is entirely out of high quality, natural bamboo and includes the three essential tea tools you will need to handle the tea and the cups in style:

  • Tea tongs: to grasp and lift the cups
  • Tea holder: to hold the dried tea leaves which will be brewed, after removing them from the canister they have been stored in.
  • Tea pin: to unblock the spout of the teapot, when leaves get stuck in it.
  • MATERIAL:  Bamboo
  • LENGTH (tongs):  21 cm
  • LENGTH (holder):  19 cm
  • LENGTH (pin):  18.5 cm

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