White round cup with saucer



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An original round cup with a minimalist and functional design, handmade by skilled craftsmen in Jingdezhen. The all-white finish focuses the senses on the infusion while its round shape nestles nicely in your hand.

The cup can be purchased with or without the white matching saucer. Its simple, versatile design allows you to combine it with any type of saucer or gaiwan.

The cup with saucer was personally selected by nannuoshan during one of our trips to the Chinese porcelain capital. Read more about our travels in Jingdezhen here.


Why is the cup so small?

This cup is designed for the traditional Chinese tea preparation (gong fu cha). The tea is steeped for a short time in a small teapot and served in the tiny cups (cha bei).

The same leaves are infused multiple times, and the flavor changes with each infusion. This procedure maximizes the aroma of the tea, revealing the subtle nuances.

  • MATERIAL:  White porcellain
  • CAPACITY:  30 ml
  • DIAMETER:  5.2 cm (cup); 9 cm (saucer)
  • HEIGHT:  3.3 cm (cup) 4.5 cm (with saucer)

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