Green Tea

Farm-fresh green teas, naturally rich in antioxidant.

Tea Tour 2020

Come with us to China!

Best green tea for you?

Long Jing vs. Biluochun

Oolong tea

Ranked by connoisseurs among the best teas on Earth... discover why!

Black tea

High quality whole-leaf black tea, all picked by hand.


Raw (sheng) and ripe (shu) Pu'er, including gushu specialities.


Porcelain, bamboo and clay to get the most out of your leaves.


Yixing and porcellain teapots for your tea sets, all personally selected by Nannuoshan from the artists.


Check out our selection of fine gaiwan! The most common tea brewing vessel in China, and for good reasons.

Cups & bowls

Tea bowl and cups for Gongfu Cha.

Tea blog

Foster your tea knowledge with our blog!

Tea events

Events and tea seminars organized by Nannuoshan in Berlin and around Europe.

Thirsty for tea knowledge?

Check out the Nannuoshan YouTube Channel!

Our latest video: LONG JING vs. BILUOCHUN: Which is the best green tea for you? Tasting sweet and bitter green teas, and comparing origin, processing, brewing, and taste.

    YouTube video – LONG JING vs. BILUOCHUN: Which is the best green tea for you?