Controlled oxidation gives Oolong tea its characteristic flavour. Leaves vary from green to dark brown depending on the extent of oxidation. Green Oolongs are light and fresh; darker ones are stronger and fuller-bodied. Oolong teas are very fragrant, often flowery and complex-tasting.

How Oolong tea is made
The processing of Oolong tea is complex. The crucial part consists in gently bruising the leaves to further the oxidation process. The leaves are then heated to arrest oxidation and dried. Sometimes, after drying, the leaves are also roasted to deepen the aroma and flavour.

Dancong huang pian  
Milan Xiang  
Jin Mudan  

Bai Ya Qi Lan  
Jin Xuan  
Cui Yu  

Qing Xin  
Dong Ding  
Ali Shan  

Huang Mei Gui  
Shui Xian  


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