black tea

Black teas are malty, brisk and full-bodied. In black tea, oxidation is forced and fairly extreme. The infusion as well as the infused leaves are reddish: the Chinese call black tea red tea. Sensitive stomachs tolerate black teas better than green teas for their leaves were processed longer.

How black tea is made
After withering, the leaves are rolled for long time to further oxidation. When oxidation is completed and the leaves are totally red they are dried for storage.

Milan Hong Cha  
Jin Jun Mei  
Yingde Hong Cha  

Da Ye Hong Cha  
Tanyang Gongfu  
Organic First Flush Darjeeling  

Qimen Maofeng  
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Da Fo Hong Cha BIO  
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Fengqing Dian Hong  

Dian Hong  
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