Pu'er tea is strong and intense. It often tastes earthy and tart. Pu’er are the best-known of the dark teas.

How Pu'er is made
Processing begins like green tea: the leaves are heated, shaped and dried. Pu'er is subdivided in Sheng and Shu:

  • Sheng Cha (raw tea), once dried, is softened by steam and pressed into cakes. Over years it develops its typical earthy flavour.
  • Shu Cha (ripe tea) is fermented over several months in order to somewhat resemble in a relatively short time the taste that Sheng Cha develops over decades of aging.
Bingdao 2013 sheng pu'er - gushu
Nannuoshan 2019 sheng pu'er - gushu
Gelanghe 2006 sheng pu'er - gushu

Yiwu Autumn Bee 2017 sheng pu'er
Mannuo 2011 sheng pu'er
Feng Shan Chun Jian Yi Hao 2008 sheng pu'er

Mengsong Sheng 2015 sheng pu'er
Banpen 2011 sheng pu'er - gushu
Nannuoshan 2013 sheng pu'er - gushu


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