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Cannon Spout Yixing Teapot hongni
Tea taster's mug  
Narrow cone cup  

Hu Lu Filter - big  
sold out
Hu Lu Filter - small  
White round cup  

Rooster Cup  
sold out
Drip-catcher pitcher  
Ocher Tea Cloth  

Peach Garden Tea Saucer Set  
sold out
Nannuo Gaiwan  
Silk Pitcher  

Pu'er Needle  
Pu'er Stand  
Red Tea Cloth  

Spiral Filter Holder  
Ebony Tea Saucer  
sold out
Silk Jar  

sold out
Velvet Jar  
Changing color toad  
Greedy toad  

Little Monk Gaiwan  
Carp Gaiwan  
Tea conversation Gaiwan  

Twin carps pitcher  
Tea conversation pitcher  
Gongfu cha brush  

sold out
Flower saucer  
Gardenia cup  

Dragonfly cup  
Landscape Cup  
Duo Kuai Ke Bei  

sold out
Moat Tea Tray  
'Rolling Stone' Kuai ke bei  
Bell cup  

Rose gaiwan  
sold out
Rooster Gaiwan  
Sitting Quail Jar  

Quail Egg Jar  
Grace Pitcher  
Harmony Cup  

Bamboo Tea Saucer  
Serene Teapot  
Rattan Tea Saucer  

Lightbulb Yixing Teapot hongni
Red Spice Yixing Teapot hongni
Pavilion Tea Set  

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